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Soft Tissue Surgery Specialist

Surgical Associates of North Texas

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Soft tissue surgery requires special expertise to reduce scarring and achieve optimal results. At Surgical Associates of North Texas, Dr. Scott deVilleneuve, M.D., offers patients in McKinney, TX, the most advanced soft surgery techniques to treat an array of simple and complex issues.

Soft Tissue Surgery Q&A

What is soft tissue surgery?

Soft tissue surgery refers to any of several techniques used to repair or restore areas of damaged soft tissues located anywhere in the body. Unlike solid tissues such as bones and some solid organs, soft tissues can move, flex and change shape while being handled, characteristics which often require special techniques to achieve optimal outcomes. While soft tissue surgery is not uncommon, selecting a surgeon with considerable experience and expertise is the best way to help ensure the best possible results and to reduce the risks of potential complications.

What are the most common types of soft tissue surgery?

There are many types of soft tissue surgery, but some of the most common surgeries include:

  • lipoma removal
  • scar removal
  • surgical debridement
  • melanoma (skin cancer) surgery

What happens during lipoma removal?

A lipoma is a fatty benign growth such as a cyst or benign tumor that forms beneath the skin or on an organ. Some lipomas cause few symptoms, while others can cause pain and other symptoms, including cosmetic issues when the growths form just beneath the skin’s surface. Some cysts can become infected and require removal to avoid serious complications including more widespread infection. During lipoma removal. special techniques are used to carefully remove the growth while preserving the surrounding tissues. When a lipoma causes cosmetic defects, special suturing techniques can reduce scar formation.

When is scar removal necessary?

Scar removal can be used to reduce the appearance of a scar and it can also be used to restore healthy tissue in an area where a large scar may interfere with movement or other function.

What is wound debridement?

Wound debridement includes all the techniques necessary for removing dirt, debris, and dead tissue from a wound to promote healing and recovery. Debridement is a common type of soft tissue surgery used following some types of trauma and also in people with sores or other trauma that results in areas of dead tissue. By removing debris, the healthy areas of tissue are able to “knit” together and heal, preventing infection and additional tissue death.


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